Design Writing
Switching from visual and spatial creative work to text-based creative work is not always easy. The tasks of captioning, summarizing and articulating design ideas in words often falls to the very end. Yet, these words are vital to the reception and understanding of your ideas.

Our unique set of skills and experiences allows us to easily translate visual and spatial concepts into words or sound bytes. We help architects and designers achieve wins by focusing our attention on the importance of your words.

Grant and RFPs Submission
We help design teams submit design proposals and grant applications.

Company Visioning Liaison (internal and external)
We’ve had success helping design firms clarify succinct envisioning statements both for internal and external use. Our unique training in architecture, architectural education and rhetoric/communication allows us to act as a liaison between designers and marketers. For example, we have generated clearly articulated envisioning narratives that marketing teams and firm principles have used to clarify company brand.

Lunch and Learn Rhetoric and Design Communication Lectures
We offer lectures to design offices who may wish to further educate employees in a given area of communication. Our areas of expertise are:

  • Audience and Situational Awareness
  • Persuasive Appeals (as they pertain to design)
  • Invention (designing speaking and writing)
  • Rhetorical Analysis