Rhetorical Invention, Design Processes and IDEO

It may surprise you that rhetoric is a richly creative discipline! A large part of rhetoric surrounds methods of invention. The common topics of rhetorical invention act as templates or formulas used originally when crafting arguments for a debate or speech. In sum, they help traverse that sometimes difficult inceptive moment of “getting started” with design, writing and creativity in general. The first section of our forthcoming Routledge publication, Communicating Design, is devoted completely to distilling ways rhetorical invention techniques might benefit designers.

Along these lines, we recently came across an exciting and generous Design Kit that IDEO via Ideo.org generously provides here for free! The site is broken down into three useful categories that will help you confidently and creatively break through the inceptive inventive moment in your projects. The Case Study and Methods section demonstrates how and where the inspiring global firm IDEO have successfully executed creative human-centered wins. And, their Mindsets offer stories from within the firm that offer a window into their philosophy. They suggest that “how you think about design directly affects whether you’ll arrive at innovative, impactful solutions.”

We love that!

One of the Mindsets highlighted, for example, comes from founder of IDEO David Kelly, who provides insight into creative confidence!

Explore the Design Kit for yourself:



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